Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well every one can use a little Fiber in there diet, and I like Betty Crocker Fiber One apple and cinnamon muffin mix, of course I have to doctor it up a bit( I do that a lot) not that its not good on its own, but thats just me. So I add 1 apple chopped and 4 Tab apple sauce, and 1/4 cup bisquick.
just follow the directions on the box and add these few ingredients and you will have moist muffins every time. Just be sure to set your timer on the oven, and don't get involved on the computer I set off the smoke alarm( hey, I told my husband that I was just checking the smoke alarm Ha Ha.)
No one is Perfect
Allisons Kitchen.
Here's a tip I use a ice cream scoop to put my batter in my muffin cups that way you get the perfect amount in each cup every time!!!

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