Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well with a name like this I had to try this recipe. This is so simple and very good make sure you have enough time for it to cook, because you have to cook it on low. and it takes 7-10 hours.  Put this on early in the morning and by dinner time your house smells wonderful.  This makes its own juice that you can thicken with a little corn starch, and serve with mashed pot and a side salad. Give this a try, it sounds a little odd but it is great.
1- 4 to 5 lb beef roast (any kind)
1 - pack brown gravy mix (dry)
1 - pack Italian salad dressing mix (dry)
1 - pack ranch dressing mix (dry)
Mix all seasoning together,rub all over roast, then just put the rest of the mix in the crock pot
pour 1/2 cup water, (That's all just 1/2 cup) down the side of the roast.
Cook on LOW for 7 to 10 hours depending on how big your roast is.  The roast is done when its fork tender.
That's It  This couldn't be easier,