Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As part of the foodbuzz tastemaker program I received Buitoni Riserva pasta to try.

I have the Shrimp and lobster Ravioli with Garlic Butter Sauce, This is a Complete meal for two made with real Maine Lobster

  Having owned a few restaurants my husband and I have tried a lot of
Lobster Ravioli, He's not even fond of the lobster ravioli that Carrabba's has and we love all of the food at Carrabba's, so i was surprised when after his first bite he said it was really good (WOW success!!),

I did have a minor set back with the boil in bag sauce a corner opened up and the sauce started coming out
I grabbed the pack out of the water as soon as I saw this and managed to save most of the sauce I did add about 3 T of butter to the sauce to make a little more.

  I'm glad I was at the stove watching or I would be making my own sauce.  The Sauce is a mild garlic and butter with herbs and very flavorful, the pasta is very tender and you could actually see chunks of lobster and shrimp in every ravioli..
 This was a very quick and delicious meal that i would recommend to all of my friends and family, plenty of food for two people I might add a T of Cognac or sherry to the sauce next time but you don't have to I just can't stop playing with my food I'm always thinking on how to improve something.


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