Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Spring is in the air!! Living in Fl the seasons seem to run together, but this year we had such a cold winter I can feel spring coming. The weather is getting warmer, and our rainy season is fast approaching.
One thing I used to look forward to up north was the first fruit and vegetable stand to open, fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob and baby red potatoes. I would make a meal on those alone.
That's one thing we have down here lots of produce stands. Which brings me to the baby red potatoes. most people boil them in water, drain, and toss with butter and parsley but I thought I would share a little secret with you I like to simmer mine in butter, yes just butter just wash your potatoes, put them in a pot with melted butter in add salt and pepper cover and simmer on low heat till potatoes are done toss with fresh parsley and enjoy!!
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