Saturday, March 14, 2015


One of the most popular drinks to ever come out of Ireland is the famous Irish coffee. Millions of versions of this popular drink exist as people from all over the world like their Irish coffee just a little bit different.
Today we’re going to share with you our one of a kind OG Irish Coffee, which will give you a unique taste of coffee, peppermint, and Ganoderma in every sip.
Have a happy St Patrick´s Day!

  • 1 sachet of OG black coffee
  • 2 oz of half and half
  • 2 oz of Crème De Menthe (non-alcoholic) or Irish cream coffee syrup
  • Peppermint extract to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Whipped cream
In a shallow bowl empty the Black sachet, add half and half and sugar, and mix it together in a warm coffee mug.
Place a spoon right on the surface of the coffee and slowly pour the Crème the Menthe or the Irish cream coffee syrup. Then add the peppermint extract.
Slowly move the spoon up as the layer of cream thickens to ensure that it remains on the surface of the coffee.
Allow the whipped cream to float on top without stirring.
A ten ounce coffee mug made of clear glass is an excellent container for this coffee drink.
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