Monday, September 16, 2013


Okay I know this is no way about food but, Have you heard of Lightyear Wireless yet? They are a new wireless company that offers Unlimited Talk, Text and Web on a nationwide 3G Network for only $59.99 per month. You can TALK all you want, TEXT all you want and surf the WEB all you want for $59.99 per month. There are NO restrictions and the service is great all over the U.S. Go here to view our coverage map:

I am excited to introduce this service to everyone I know because Lightyear will offer me FREE service if I refer a few friends to the service. It's simple! I can help friends SAVE money and if I do that enough, my bill is FREE!  I can't believe how much money we have paid to AT&T over the past years.

Visit my web site soon as possible! I have already cut my bill in half and hope to do the same for everyone I know.


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You can thank me later